Growing up in a rich culture of music, Aolani started singing and playing music with her parents.  She has been performing since then and her talents as an artist continue to grow.  Aolani sings in many style and genres like Country, Blues, Folk, Jazz, and of course Hawaiian.  Her works include opening for many wonderful performers both from Hawaii and here on the mainland.  In adjacent to a single release of "My Friend", Aolani released her first album "Daddy's Gift" in 2010.  She joined forces with Mauro Quibin in 2014 to release "Funny Love". This was just the start of their musical adventures!

Band Spotlight: Aolani Kaeka
Band Spotlight: Mauro Quibin
Bassist with over 30 years professional experience.  Mauro's career started early straight out of high school playing local venues in southern California.  He started out covering Classic Rock and expanded to Contemporary Jazz and Blues.  The earliest studio work was with producer and engineer Art Munson. In the following years, Mauro has worked and recorded on 5 Independent Albums.  In 2007, Mauro was introduced to the Hawaiian culture and music and like most, have found such a special place in his heart for it. Currently Mauro instructs privately. He is also involved in several after school enrichment programs teaching and mentoring children.
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